Wheat, Yellow Corn, Feed Barley

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Wheat, Yellow Corn, Feed Barley
Origin: Russia
Quantity: 50000 M/T per month
Packing : Polyprophelene Bag 50 kg, In bulk
Specifications :


Moisture: 14%max.,

Gluten: 21%min.,

Protein: 11,5%min.,

Falling number: 250


Damage kernel: 5%max.,

Foreign matters: 2%max.

Price :

179 $|t

FOB port Novorossiysk

Yellow Corn

164 $|t

FOB port Novorossiysk

Moisture: 14%max.,

Protein: 8 %min.,

Damage kernel: 5%max.,

Foreign matters: 3%max.

Feed Barley

149 $|t

FOB port Novorossiysk.

Moisture: 14%max.,

Damage kernel: 1,2%max.,

Foreign matters: 5%max.

Documents required to send SWIFT within 24 hours

1- Contract signed and stamped by the Seller, Customer and Trading
2- Proforma invoice signed and stamped by vendor and customer

Documents hand delivery at loading port to release payment

1 Proof of Product / name vessel cargo
2 Certifications from Credible Institutions (Origin, Fitness for Human Consumption)
3 Bill of Lading, three (3/3) copies.
4 Commercial Invoice, three (3/3) copies.
5 Certificate of Origin, three (3/3) copies.
6 Certificate of Quality and Quantity Issued by SGS, three (3/3) copies.
Phyto-sanitary Certificate, three (3/3) copies.

Fumigation Certificate issued by origin Fumigation Company

Upon receiving hand delivery all documentation Buyer transfer inmediatelly via Swift MT-103/23 for the total amount loaded at

vessel under SGS certification on quantity on agro-commodity loading for the price
Subsequent loads begin the same procedure in routine times.
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