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RUIZ TORRES WINE is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of wines, located in Crta Ex 116, km 33.8 Cañamero (Cáceres). Born in 1870. De familiar character, is now run by the third generation. Its owner Antonio Ruiz Torres, I have made a reference Canamero "wine" to locate their wineries and vineyards in the town of Caceres. Quality is the basis of the work of Bodegas Torres Ruiz. All wines have a severe process monitoring and quality control at each stage of processing, from the vine to the bottle. The consumer confidence is the prize for noble effort. Internationally, Bodegas Torres Ruiz has positioned itself in the international markets on five continents. Currently in the U.S., Europe, the countries of Eastern and consolidation in the Asian market.
The development of Bodegas Torres Ruiz is embodied in a new future project: building a new generation winery (15,000 m2). Equipped with the most advanced production technology, operation based on optimization of the force of gravity to move the wine in the computerized process control and integrated production in the Bodega own laboratories.
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