origin: PORTUGAL

Packaging: 40 kg bags

quantity: up to 25,000 MT / month .............price 49EUR/MT FOB LISBOA

Payment: L / C

before signing the contract you can personally visit the production of cement in Portugal!

The limestone Portland Cement CEM II / A-L 42,5R is a product of great
versatility, combining a good workability and high resistance,
characteristics which allow its use in concrete of various strength grades and
prefabrication in light or heavy.
Cement CEM II / A-L 42,5R is a specially formulated product and adapted to:
- Ready-mixed concrete or manufactured in average work high resistance;
- Prestressed concrete at current age;
- Designed concrete, lightweight concrete and concrete settlement;
- Prefabrication heavy with normal turnover or large light prefabrication
- Reinforcement and structural concrete repair.
gray cement with a lower heat of hydration and better workability
a CEM I cement of the same strength class.
rapid development of resistance (high early strength).
final resistances within the indicated class values ​​(resistance to 28 days).
The correct development of resistance is sensitive to the healing process.
- Should be taken care to avoid dissecting all concreted parts.
- Should be avoided concreting in very hot or very cold weather.
For the best performance in concrete and mortar:
- Recommended the study of composition;
- The best workability allows to reduce water dosage
mixing, ensuring a water / cement ratio compatible with the conditions
It is possible to add fly ash, under specific conditions and provided that
met quality control requirements and previous studies of composition.
The handling of powdered cement may cause eye irritation and roads
respiratory. When mixed with water can also cause skin sensitization.
We recommend the use of anti-dust for respiratory protection mask, gloves
hand protection, eye goggles and coveralls for protection
of the skin.
For detailed information see the Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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