HALAL Frozen Chicken

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A grade HALAL Frozen chicken Leg Quarter, Fillet, Wing, Thigh, Drumstick.

Products: Whole Frozen Chicken, Chicken Leg Quarter, Chicken Fillet , Chicken Wing, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Drumstick

Origin: Ukraine.

Quantity: 5000 MT/ month

Storage conditions and shelf life: 12 months – at a temperature -18˚ C and lower.

Packaging: Polybag marked in English, Ukrainian, Russian, Uzbek, and Persian & Arabic Languages

Certification: HALAL, ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000:2011

Freezing type: IQF

Payment terms: - irrevocable 100 % LC (Test 1-2 shipping container, discussing individually for 2-3 month)

Price: FOB Ukraine, Odessa
Whole Frozen Chicken 900-1300g 1310 USD /MT

Chicken Leg 1160 USD /MT

Chicken Fillet 2380 USD /MT

Chicken Wing 1480 USD /MT

Chicken Thigh 1600 USD /MT

Price: CFR/A.S.W.P

(The exact quote will be given upon order confirmation with destination CIF indicated)

Whole Frozen Chicken 900-1300g 1460 USD /MT
Chicken Leg 1310 USD /MT
Chicken Fillet 2530 USD /MT
Chicken Wing 1610 USD /MT

Chicken Thigh 1760 USD /MT

Product Standard Specification:
(exact specification per item will be provided upon confirmed order)

Frozen eviscerated chicken, without giblets, head, neck and feet. Internal fat lower abdomen is not
removed. Moisture – not more than 5%
Nutritional value per 100g of product:
Protein - not less than 19, 4 g;
Fat - not more than 13, 5 g;
Energy value (calories) 100 g – 199, 0 kcal.
Percent of dropped liquid after defrosting 1-3 %

Seller issues SCO
Buyer issues ICPO with full banking details
The Seller will present the draft contract for acceptance by the Buyer. Contract goes through normal negotiation and validation period.

Buyer returns the draft contract by exchanging it by facsimile or Email attachment, duly signed and sealed, within 3 working days, the draft copy will be deemed legal until hard copies exchanged.

Buyer’s bank issues SBLC, DLC or BG using SWIFT open for full contract period to be received at Seller’s Bank within 3 (three) working days.

Seller’s Bank, within 10-15 days, issues to Buyer’s Bank POP (SWIFT MT799) and 2% PB (SWIFT MT760) of one month’s value.
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halal whole chicken origin turkey.jpg
Private brand, Grade A , Origin Turkey, HALAL
*Whole frozen chicken ( buyer –private brand ) USD 1530 MT
*Frozen CLQ USD 1550 MT
*Frozen chicken breast / skinless USD 1570 MT ,
*Frozen chicken breast skin on USD 1560 MT
*Frozen drumsticks USD 1560 MT
*Frozen thigh USD 1545 MT
*Frozen chicken wing / discounted this week price USD 1260 MT
*Frozen chicken paw / USD 840 MT , feet / USD 820 MT
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